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Vera Bradley was finding it difficult to speak to a critical audience.

We did it with two small words: “I am.”

When Vera Bradley approached us, they were losing sales among 20- to 45-year olds and becoming irrelevant to this key audience. Their products were perceived as limited in use, and consumers felt that the current marketing was polarizing.

We created a full media campaign called “I am” that authentically showcased real women – not just models – doing everyday things in ways customers could relate to. The campaign elevated the brand and created an emotional connection with consumers who had left the brand or weren’t even considering it.

Driven by demands of the retail environment, we utilized the full resources of Latcha and its sister companies for incredible agility and turnaround. We created all-new national print ads, television spots, photography, CG animations, videos, web elements, direct-mail campaigns, highly targeted online advertising, custom music scoring, and even designed and orchestrated their annual national sales event.

After viewing our campaign, both purchase intent and store visit intent increased significantly. Consumers said they related better to the brand – and could see themselves in the scenarios captured in the ads. Consumer verbatims indicated a true change in the brand perception.