TRACEY RUFFIN Director of Customer Insights + Analytics

The best way to write the next great American novel is to just start writing.

With a B.A. in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Communication, one might wonder how Tracey ended up in the world of advertising. Latcha+Associates is glad she did.

Introduced to the industry 10 years ago after joining Team Detroit (GTB) as their CRM analyst, it became clear to Tracey that this was a role in which she could hone her experience in direct marketing, audience segmentation, and pro forma-based measurement. Skills she later used to become the VP, Director, of Analytics and Insights at MRM/McCann - and ultimately, the Director, Consumer Insights and Analytics here at Latcha, where she’ll be working on both Audi and Kia.

When Tracey’s not chasing down facts and figures for clients, you can find her chasing around her son, watching her daughter play club soccer, or enjoying a (much needed) glass of wine on the back porch with friends.

Little-known fact about Tracey: My sister and I share the same birthday, but we’re one year apart.

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