We pride ourselves on getting things done – whatever they might be. By having most production capabilities within the Latcha family – and under one roof – we can be incredibly flexible and efficient, and this lets us produce better products. Because when everyone on the team is focused on a single goal, the end result is more than is expected.

Digital Production
Latcha and its sister Detroit Software Co. have the staff and expertise on-site to be able to perform at a high level of expectation. We utilize agile software development methodologies that guide the structure, planning, designing, coding and testing of all programs that we execute. One key to agile development is what’s known as iterations, which mitigates risk by breaking the bigger tasks into a series of smaller deliverables. Each iteration goes through its own QA process, testing and bug tracking, until the individual iterations are then stitched together into the final deliverable.

Video Production
Altogether, Latcha oversees the creative development and production of over 500 video productions that generate millions of views each year. To get it all done, production and post-production happen in lockstep with one another – not as individual companies like most agencies use. Our capabilities include production scheduling, budgeting, talent negotiations, location scouting, props and wardrobe, as well as the latest in high-definition camera gear. For post-production, capabilities include 5 high-def edit suites, an audio engineering suite for voiceover recording, special effects, motion graphics, color correction and green-screen keying.

Print Production
We have a talented group of people with a great deal of experience within the world of print. They currently handle tens of millions of printed pieces each year – including direct mail, Point-of-Sale (POS), promotional items and packaging. Our team of print managers is well-qualified to handle all aspects of print management, including procurement and reporting. In fact, some clients have outsourced their print management to Latcha, as we have tremendous negotiation and buying power with printers and paper companies. We attend every press check in order to verify paper stock, inks and, of course, the quality of the finished product.

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