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Our philosophy is simple: In order to truly solve marketing problems, we must understand the complete picture. This means gathering every bit of data about current customers, end targets, motivations, real and perceived competitors, etc. Too often, marketing is developed without full information, resulting in an approach that’s off- target. We make it our job to be fully informed. Our teams are data-driven and research-driven. We analyze to identify the core issue (rather than backing into an off-the-shelf or unfounded theory) before our planners, media team, and creatives start to develop smart, focused tactics.

What makes our thinking different? Our team. Many organizations are staffed with people who have a single mathematical intelligence. They demonstrate logical and mathematical expertise in the development of behavioral models, correlations and identification of causalities. For some client needs, this expertise may suffice.

At Latcha, Marketing Intelligence is formed by multiple intelligences, all integrated to provide our clients with a holistic visualization of their marketing accomplishments, opportunities, issues and recommended actions. They combine mathematical, interpersonal, empathic, linguistic and visual intelligences to provide our clients with a holistic picture of their customers and markets, as well as our clients’ accomplishments, opportunities, issues and the actions necessary to reach and exceed KPIs.

When it comes down to it, we see analytics and data operations as a specialized art. Our “artists” form, dig and re-cut data in order to expose insightful learnings that paint the clear picture. It’s more than just creating endless reports (although we do that very well). It’s finding the hidden gems that create true marketing, then integrating them with creative, clients and media partners in order to optimize and leverage them.