Has owned every Apple product since 1981.

Born and raised “on the streets” of Detroit, Dave Latcha broke into advertising after studying, what else, bioengineering. It was the start of many atypical things to come from Dave – and a part of what has earned him the title of Master Maker.

After working on a variety of clients, he settled at J. Walter Thompson, where he soon became the youngest VP in the company’s history. Much of his drive was fueled by his adoption of new and innovative means of production, including “digital,” back when there was no digital.

After 8 years, he decided to start his own company, which really took off with a major win of Ford business back in 2000. Since then, he and the company have grown steadily, but this kid-at-heart still loves to develop and adopt new technologies for world-class clients like Ford, Audi and Subaru.

Little-known fact about Dave: In his (very rare) spare time, he’s an avid welder and makes reproduction Victorian furniture.

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